light bright + airy pomelo-lime mousse

pomelo lime mousse

Two years ago, I had a dream about this recipe. [Like an awake sort-of dream. Why rely on my subconscious to dream up recipes when my conscious is all hey man how bout this schnazzy somethin’?] Pomelos had appeared in the exotic fruit section of the grocery store, and I was intrigued. I jotted some notes down, but by then I was too late – I had missed my chance to buy any of the mysterious fruit. Last year, I missed my chance again, because I was too busy acclimating to my new life in the woods. But this time around, I sprung into action.

Larger in diameter than grapefruit, but close to if not smaller in edible volume due to a thick spongy membrane, pomelos are juicy and mild tangy, and sweet-not-too-sweet. Shedding them of their thick outer skin is half the fun, though eating them is plenty good too.

pomelo lime mousse

I used to have a violin teacher who also worked in the real estate industry. One of his favorite pastimes during our lessons was debunking realtor slang for me. “Light, bright, and airy” was one of the ole standbys, used to make homes with small plain rooms sound welcoming, large, and nice. Bright and airy could refer to new large windows…. or perhaps old windows that were leaky and drafty.

In this instance, light, bright and airy connotes nothing but the best. This pomelo-lime mousse is creamy yet light, decadent though not cloying, fruity and fragrant but not overly laden with flavor. It is like a grass-is-growing flowers-are-sprouting bees-are-humming birds-are-singing sheer lacy dream in whipped cream+curd form.

Pomelo-Lime Mousse
Serves 8-10. Could be served as is, or as a component in a cake or trifle. Oooh, trifle. <–Look, my conscious just had another awesome idea.


5 eggs
1 c. sugar
1/2 c. (1 stick) unsalted butter
~3/4 c. pomelo juice (juice of one pomelo)
Zest from 1/2 a pomelo
Juice and zest from one lime
2 c. heavy cream
Additional pomelo and lime zest, to garnish


In a medium bowl, beat eggs and sugar until fluffy, light, and slightly thickened, 3-4 minutes if using an electric mixer. Set aside. In a double boiler set over high heat, melt butter.  Add egg mixture, stirring very frequently over a lengthy time period until the mixture turns custard- or curd-like. It will likely take the better part of 20 minutes. Don’t leave the mixture attended, however, or gloopy over-thickened bits will form on the bottom of the pan. When custardy, remove from heat.

Stir in juices and zests, and let cool to room temp, 30 minutes.

In a large bowl, whip cream past the stiff peaks stage. Gently fold in the pomelo-limey mixture until just incorporated. Mow down immediately because it is delicious! …or chill 1-2 hours in the fridge first.

Store well-covered in the fridge for one day if you must, but the mousse will quickly lose its dream-like qualities if you abandon it for much longer. It will grow lonely and watery. Don’t let that happen.

pomelo-lime mousse

Everything has been nice lately. It’s wonderful to no longer be sick as a dog. Poor maligned dogs, I should say it’s wonderful to no longer be sick as a sicky. Now I’m just back to being me, scampering about in the woods and loving my incredible life.

Things I’m thinking about:
Gardening! the cute lil seeds that are sprouting in my cabin right now. Yesterday, it was Oregon Spring tomatoes and Heshiko bunching onions. What will it be today??
Activity! after 5 weeks of doing nothing, I feel like a soggy potato without any starch, aka a wimp with no muscles. I’m getting back into my pushup/squat/insert other fitness here routine. I’ve taken to doing quick rounds of tabata youtube videos, sometimes even in the pre-dawn moments before work when I can wake myself up early enough. And last weekend, we went downhill skiing. I’d only been once before, when I lived in France in 2007. This time was much much much better, as I knew beforehand not to solely rely on “the snowplow” to get me down a steep hill.
Material goods! i have had the same face for the past five years. And so, after much contemplation, I have decided to get a facelift! JK, I just have a new pair of glasses on the way. JUST a new pair of glasses you say, beautiful glasses, gorgeous trendy in-your-face, heck, in-my-face new glasses I reply. My face is going to be a new face! A face all my own and yet nothing like me! I am pleased as punch.
A car! every since we broke the last one, I’ve missed having a car. Only having my truck is inefficient and fuel stupid. A car is on horizon – I hope.
– The Treats Sheet in the bottom photo! two pounds of mallowy goodness. Today my boss asked if I could eat the whole thing, and after prefacing with “I don’t even really like Rice Krispie treats,” I hypothesized that yes, I could easily eat all of this. Especially if sectioned off and stacked, to create a rarely-seen triple decker treat (TDT).


22 thoughts on “light bright + airy pomelo-lime mousse

  1. Pomelos are one of my favourite fruits. Although I like both varieties, I prefer the flavour of the white pomelos to the pink ones. Delicious fruit though – and the mousse sounds amazing!

    1. I love everything citrus, and my small town grocery store definitely gets points for their fruit + veggie section! I’ll have to keep a lookout for those white pomelos.

  2. I forgot to tell you this last time, but WAY TO GO! on getting deer in your deer yard. So silly, those things, to us from lots of deer land, but they’re so important here. I’m glad you’re feeling better and tackling long lost recipe daydreams! And playing with pomelos! I was supposed to go downhill skiing last month, but totally chickened out the morning of and really pissed off the guy. Sorry/not sorry, I’m never going downhill skiing. Freaks me out. Goo, we haven’t started seeds yet. Are we too late??

    1. Thanks Brianne! It was a big hurrah with the deer, and you know what? They look so much prettier when there aren’t a million of them parading nonstop through your yard, chomping all your flowers and veggies to shreds.

      I was so chicken once we got on the mountain, I had a little bit of a freakout at Eli (sorry bud). However, I was feeling almost comfortable by the end of the afternoon. You should give it a try, maybe on a little wimpy hill? Don’t try snowboarding, though, trying that made me cry last winter.

      You are not too late to start seeds – I was just early!

  3. What a nice taste of spring before we get hammered with snow again. Really a treat though.

  4. Yahhh, you never liked those rice krispie treats…and I loved them so…I had some really amazing ones recently where the butter and the marshmallows are doubled in the recipe–that is, one bag of regular and one bag of minis–it made them taste(and feel)like they had just been made, instead of several hours ago…gooey and good, mmm. Nice pomelo thingy…very creative! Cool shout-out to George! Looking forward to seeing the new specs<3

    1. Oh boy, double the mallow, double the fun! Yeah?

      Eli sent me a picture last night of himself WEARING MY NEW GLASSES! AHHHHHH I must get home and try them on!!

  5. mmmm…trifle! I want this layered all over some angel cake right now, although i’d be happy to eat it solo, because, citrus. pomelos are wonderful things.

    1. This would be so good with some buttery madeleines and fresh strawberries, or pound cake, or YES angel food cake! Aw man, eating rules.

  6. I am very familiar with day-dreaming recipes; for me they mostly happen on car drives to routine places. They tend to happen especially frequently the few weeks prior to Bacon Week. :D

    I’m excited for your upcoming “things” – cars, glasses, AND MORE! I’ve dragged myself out of the morass of a programming-only life, so hopefully I can better keep up with your lovely blagging again. :D

    1. Oooooooooh, baaaaacon. Baaaacon. bacon. baconbaconbacon. Now I’m thinking of baaacon, oooooooh bacon.

      A programming-only life sounds turrible, join me in the world of thinking about bacon!

    1. As long as it’s not a crazy ass-fruit market, I think there’s a good chance you’ll succeed in this goal!

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