big big news: new venture is unveiled!

You may have noticed in recent months that this blog has taken on a new focus, of sorts. I’ve been featuring a lot more recipes than I have in the past. This may have led you, in turn, to wonder why I’ve stopped showcasing my most favorite of delicacies – – – chocolate.

Rest assured that I haven’t stopped thinking about chocolate. Nor have I stopped consuming it. As we tumble quickly towards winter up here in northern Maine, my cocoa consumption is snowballing into the perfectly delicious storm.

You may also have noticed that in recent months, I’ve whined and whinnied about my inability to find meaningful employment. It all got to be a bit much, and I decided back in August to try pursuing a new direction. A New Venture, if you will. Ideas flew left and right. My creative brain said hello to my scientific brain. Outlines were jotted, massive daydreaming sessions were held, and one outcome became clear.

It was time to stop hording chocolate bar wrappers from other companies. It was time…. to come up with my own.

And so, my fate was sealed. After years of dreaming about it, I have decided to become a chocolate maker. Let me emphasize that with capitals for you: I have decided to become a Chocolate Maker!

I will soon be producing bean-to-bar chocolate. Handcrafted, quality, ethically-sourced and made-with-love chocolate bars.

It is time for you to meet my company. Please give a warm welcome to Antler Chocolate.

I very much hope that you will support me in this new and exciting endeavor. You can visit Antler Chocolate’s website, if you so desire. It is as of yesterday up and running, with more content to be added soon.

And please follow Antler Chocolate on Facebook, to watch the business develop and take shape.

Lastly, I encourage you to share this with anyone and everyone you know who enjoys chocolate. I would appreciate it so very much.

P.S. Not to worry – I will still be updating of agates and madeleines on a regular basis. I just won’t be posting any more chocolate reviews;)


48 thoughts on “big big news: new venture is unveiled!

  1. Yay, yay, YAY!! It’s here! It’s really here! I love the logo, and the name, and everything about your exciting new endeavor. I can’t wait to watch it all come together!

    How long must we wait for your chocolate??

    1. Too long, I’m afraid! I still have so far to go with this – – but I wanted to bring everyone along for the fun building block steps of this journey:)

      I’m so glad you like everything!

  2. FINALLY! I can finally shout my congratulations and support to the whole wide world, rather than whispering it to you via secret emails!! So proud of you my darling friend! Woot woot!

    1. YAYYYYYYYY!! I feel the same wayyyyyyy!!! It feels so good, but also super super fretfully scary to have finally made this announcement.

      Pssssst, psh psh pst pst secret emails are fun too:) WOOT WOOT!

  3. OMG!!!! I am so excited for you Emma! What a great thing that you are pursuing your dream. And a tasty one at that.
    Love love love the name and your new site has a great tone. I’m dying to see more, and to buy and taste your chocolate. I want to be one of your first customers:)))))))))
    With heartfelt congrats,

    1. Thank you Erin! It is the heartfelt wishes and support from lovely internet acquaintances such as yourself that bolster my confidence enough to make me think that maybe, just perhaps, this is going to work!

      It would make me so proud to have you as a customer!! Just don’t tell my idols the Amish – pride is equivalent to a sin in their eyes;)

      Thanks so much for the sweet thoughts, xoxo

  4. Yeah, Emma! I can’t wait to order some chocolate from you. How exciting!!! Wow, I’m welling up right now. So glad you’re making your dream a reality and finding a way to make a hobby into a moneymaker. I’ll surely spread the word and rave about your chocolate. YEAH!!!

    1. Awww, Martha getting a bit teary? I only wish you could be here in person to celebrate this milestone with me. Next stop, chocolate! Wooooooo!!

      So glad to have you on board for this adventure:)

  5. I love this. I’m so excited for you. I love everything – the name, the logo, the site. I cannot wait to try it! I’m absolutely sharing this information with my chocolate loving friends. YAY!

    1. I really admire your eye for aesthetics in your photography, so I’m incredibly glad to hear that you are enjoying the name, logo and site.

      For my part, I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you!

    1. Ohhhh, Mumsy! I long for the day when we will sit oceanside in some warm tropical location together, shaded under a large beach umbrella, not worrying about how our tummies or legs look in the beautiful swimsuits we will inevitably be wearing, as we each pound upon pound of my delicious handcrafted chocolate, which will magically not melt in the heat or become besmirched with sand particles.

      That is my dream. Let’s live it!

  6. WOOOHOOO!!! (Sorry, I’ve been holding that in for a while now). Loving the logo, and looking forward to seeing, hearing (tasting?) more as events unfold for you. You know that I love the fact that you’re taking life by the horns (antlers?) and doing something you love … so, so very excited that it’s coming together for you.

    1. WOOOOHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! …..and exhale!

      It makes me so so so happy that you love the logo. I will do everything in my power to get some chocolate your way as soon as production is up and running:) Girl, you know I grab life by the antlers! Good call on that, by the way;)

      1. I desperately wanted to work chocolate moose into it all too but alas I was not clever enough for that … :(

    1. And here it is, all unveiled and shy:) I will certainly do what I can to get chocolate all the way to all y’all in Australia – we will make it work!

  7. No way, this is awesome!! Way to take your life by the..antlers! (I couldn’t resist) :) I can only imagine the crazy wonderful concoctions you’ll dream up. I’ll be sure to tell anyone I know near there to seek out your chocolate!

    1. Thank goodness we have plenty of antlers laying around for me to grab;)

      I have lots of crazy wonderful ideas, that’s for sure. Let’s hope that they’ll translate to real-world products! Thank you for the kind thoughts:)

  8. if your rockin’ logo is any indication your business is going to be spot on! can’t wait to see it all develop. best of luck!

  9. This was totally worth the wait. I’m so, so excited and happy for you!! I love the new website (and the picture of you with the antler), and the feel of it all. Yup, this just feels right. It feels like you.


    1. Thanks so much, ms. beaucoup! Now you can finally get some shuteye at night, knowing all of my innermost secrets. Rest easy, friend.

      Woot woot, antler promo pic!! The best part of that picture is I’m standing in a recently harvested potato field. A potato field that I likely sampled for quality control. It’s all coming full circle:)

    This is, quite possibly, the BEST, most EXCITING idea I have ever heard! I can’t think of a better New Venture for you to have announced! Emma, this is too. Cool.

    If there is anything I can do to make this New Venture (here on out referred to as “Antler Chocolate”) a success, let me know! Even if it is simply tasting your chocolate for you to ensure it’s not poisonous. >.>

    Big congratulations! *dances*

    1. I was so hoping that you would be thrilled! After all…. it’s chocolate! It is a perfect fit for me, and I’ll admit, it took me longer to decide to pursue this than makes sense. To the extent that my boyfriend said something to the effect of “I was wondering when you’d get around to this!”

      I would be immensely grateful to you for any efforts made to help spread the word! Grateful aka providing you with non-poisonous taste tests?!?

      Thank you so much for the kind thoughts:D xoxo

  11. i’m so excited that the big secret is finally out!!! and i love the logo – it turned out great. :) i can’t wait until the chocolate starts rolling…i’ll be ordering some/featuring it in recipes/stuffing my face with it when it does. congratulations on getting things up and running! I know you’ve been working hard on it.

    1. Thank you Shannon! I’m glad the logo turned out great, too. It ended up being a phenomenally long saga, and the only reason why I didn’t announce this sooner. And also the reason why everything has been pushed back a few months!

      I can’t wait until the chocolate starts rolling either, but oh my gosh there is so much to accomplish before then! Jeepers! :)

  12. hehe, i spotted the Ecuadorian chocolate in the pic! too bad i’ll never what you thought of it; i’m sure it SUCKS compared to your own handcrafted treasures!
    congrats on such a huge and exciting venture, emma! :-)

  13. OK. This is just toooooooooooo awesome! Congratulations! Jumping for joy from across the globe! This fits in with you very well…being a an extreme sweet tooth and lover of chocolate of course. I can’t wait to see how it all takes shape.

    YOU WOK!!!

  14. EMMA! This is amazing! So exciting. Gosh. I am having an enormous catch-up on blogs today, this is the first post I’ve read and already am floored. Congratulations, you! Can’t wait to see how it all works out. And I adore the name and logo. YAYYYY!

  15. Congrats!!! When you get the first batch made, I’d love to review it on Mothspit… eating gourmet chocolate daily has become a new obsession of mine!


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