swirly cinnamon goat cheese brownies

My weekend was spent in two parts. À la Ira Glass,

Act I (Saturday): Pulling down trees with my bare hands and a rope. Although my hands were actually encased in gloves. And I only pulled on the trees after they had been severed from the ground with a chainsaw.

Upon bringing these mostly-dead trees to the ground with my brute strength, I spent approximately five hours making tidy stacks of bucked-up logs. This is pretty much my dream of the perfect day. I love order. The only thing that could have made this fun day better would have been doing a few backflips on a trampoline. Hence, I finished up my workday with approximately three backflips on a trampoline. Za zing!

Act II (Sunday): Falling over tiiiiiiiimberrrrrrr style (see Act I) many many times while biking, during my first ride with clipless bike pedals. To be truthful, my pedals and shoes aren’t a great fit, so I would periodically get stuck while trying to free myself, and slowly – gracefully? – fall to my right or left in the process. Za zing!

How about some brownies?

I wasn’t planning on writing these up, but an inquisitive mind over at A Periodic Table asked after the recipe. And while these are long gone, I remember them as if they were… two weeks ago.

I made these Swirly Cinnamon Goat Cheese Brownies for a cooking demo at Took a Leap Farm that didn’t end up happening, because the date was changed last minute and I was le busy. You may have heard of this farm’s sweet and now world-famous goat Buttermilk Sky, whose insanely funny internet video went viral, and now has over 6 million views. Aww.

A combination of cocoa powder and malt powder give this recipe’s brownie base a rock ’em sock ’em punch. The goat cheese is spiced up with cinnamon, and given an orangeish hue to make these brownies, once cooked, into a veritable autumn treat. Spoooooky. I’d give them out to my trick or treaters this week if a) there wasn’t a stigma about giving home-baked goods to “innocent” children, b) there were any left, and c) I was more generous with things that are delicious.

Alas, these brownies are in my past. Make some, and bring them into your present.

Click on the recipe to enlarge it. Original recipe.

My Hanson pumpkin, while far from a winning competitor for movita’s 2012 pumpkin carve-off, makes me smile every time I see it.

Happy Halloween from Aroostook County, where pumpkins are a measly $.30/pound! Za-zing cha-ching!

45 thoughts on “swirly cinnamon goat cheese brownies

  1. Felling trees like a boss! Nice. I love the heart carved into the stump. We’re finally getting around to carving pumpkins tonight, and I have no idea what to carve! I voted for your pumpkin in the carve-off; people must not appreciate the goodness that is Hanson like they should. So sad.

    Too bad the folks at the farm had to miss out on those brownies! I’m diggin’ the cinnamon and goat cheese! And the malt powder! Yum.

    1. I can’t take any credit for the actual felling of the trees, or for the heart carved into the stump. I was merely the assistant:)

      We’re carving our real pumpkins tonight too, and I’m not sure what to do with mine either. I’ve always been a completely terrible pumpkin carver – I usually stab through the gourd when trying to do shallow cuts or details, and I almost always stab myself more than a few times, too.

      I actually brought a tray of these brownies to the farm in lieu of bringing myself. And I brought recipe cards, hence the recipe-as-image that you see here. Mmm, malt powder.

  2. I wouldn’t have ever thought of goat cheese (or malt powder) in brownies. But I am not that imaginative in a kitchen either. Nice work! I hope someday, somewhere, someone will make these for me so I can try their deliciousness!

    1. The malt powder was a happy accident, the first time I made these – I ran out of cocoa powder. The next time around, I upped the malt powder, since it’s so fantastic and yummy.

      And the best part of this recipe is it’s easy! You can just mix mix mix it all up with a big spoon – – I’m thinking maybe that person to make these for you… could be you? :D

  3. Emma, I always love reading your posts. That pumpkin cracked me up and now I have Hanson stuck in my head!
    Adding goat cheese to your brownies is really cool. I bet the tangy kick is delish!
    Happy Halloween,

    1. Hanson is absolutely the best thing to have stuck in your head. Period.

      The best part of the goat cheese from the nearby farm is that it doesn’t have much of the tang that is so typical of goat cheese – i.e., the tang that makes a lot of people dislike it. I think they make the most diplomatic goat cheese I’ve ever had :)

      Enjoy walking amongst the costumed kiddos tomorrow!

  4. ‘Cause when the minutes seem like hours, and the hours seem like days, then a week goes by you know it takes my breath away! All the minutes in the world could never take your place; there’s one thousand four hundred and forty hours in my day.

    Aaaaaaaand scene.

    I’m not usually one for brownies, but GOAT CHEESE OH GOAT CHEESE! Inventive brownies I will do, oh yes.

    1. WHOA! OOH! WHOA! WHOA!!! Okay, so that’s my favorite song on middle of nowhere, but I never knew what the words were to the last line!! I’ve been muttering a nonsensical phrase for years! I also thought the ‘minutes in the’ was actually ‘medicine.’ Okay, wow. Mind blown.

      I’m really bad at learning lyrics, by the way. Although that doesn’t stop me from singing at top volume.

      I’m not usually one for brownies either!

        1. I bust it out sometimes too… I’m just been busting incorrectly all these years:/ Hope no better-at-lyrics Hanson fans have been snickering at me behind my back!

  5. Gah, that Buttermilk clip MADE MY DAY! Dwarf goats are one of the many reasons I want my very own farm.

    P.S. hope you and yours are safe from the nasty weather hitting to your south.

    1. I thought you’d like that clip! Those goats are insanely cute.

      We’re doing just fine here – there’s a bit of wind and rain, but nothing severe. We’re so far away from everything! Thanks for thinking of us:) xo

  6. First off, before I forget, I love how your sweet little plate matches the background of your blog. Did you do that on purpose? You said you like “order”. Second…I absolutely must use your phrase “le busy”. I cannot wait to look at someone coyly and say…”No, I cannot photograph, write, publish your food product on my blog for nothing but pittance…I am ‘le busy’.

    1. Sarah, I didn’t plan that, but I think that’s awesome! That’s my all time favorite plate, and it is kind of a sweetie.

      Hah – yes, I cannot be bothered to eat breakfast while there is still Halloween candy in the house… I am le busy :)

    1. Lovvvvvvvve Ira, so so so much. I am addicted to his voice. Ooof! Get carried away all you like, dear:)

  7. Man, I love brownies. And I love goat cheese. And I love Ira Glass (did you see the AMA he did on Reddit? He is so dreamy. *girly sigh*). I do not love Hanson, but it’s cool – we can still be friends.

    Thanks for sharing these! Though they are in your past, I hope they can be in my (immediate) future. I’m throwing a dinner party tomorrow…I think they may make an appearance. >.>

    Keep being awesome and chopping down trees with your BARE HANDS (in my mind, you look like a lumberjack sans-beard)!!

    1. I finally gave you a chocolate recipe! Eh? You happy now, eh? I sure hope so.

      I didn’t see Ira Glass’ AMA Reddit…. I know absolutely nothing about Reddit, although I did follow along the time Obama was on there answering questions. I liked the question about White House beer.

      Hey, how did you know, that is exactly what I am?!? A lumberjack sans-beard! :)

  8. i have officially stared at these brownies far too many times now to not make them.
    therefore, i will make them. and profuse thanks for posting them, and i suppose this should teach us to not talk about awesome things like cinnamon swirly goat cheese brownies on comments OR YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR THE RECIPE. REPEATEDLY.

    lesson = learned.

    1. Shannon, stop staring, it’s rude. And it makes us self-conscious. “Do we look fat in this?” say the brownies.

      Hey, I don’t mind getting asked for a recipe! I like knowing what people want to see on my blog…. I’ve been suffering from a lack of comments lately, so thanks to you I’ve caught peoples’ attention again:)

    1. Hah. Buttermilk just makes me laugh like crazy… though maybe it’s the goats who let themselves get knocked over without resistance that I find funniest!

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