when life gives you nothing, have a creamy orange pineapple & peach popsicle

I don’t often go into real detail about my goings-on here. Rather, I may choose to discuss the merits of long-distance hikes, or reminisce for times of travel, or write in epic prose about my feelings on certain chocolates, or diffuse any hidden feelings with cute pictures of my cat.

Hey, here’s a cute picture of my cat that I thought you might like.

The only indication of my true situation is when I leave  giveaway comments on other blogs, something along the lines of “This looks so frackin’ yummy! I should make it, since I probably won’t be busy again until 2019! Haha, suckerssss!!!” or “If only I could get a job, I could stop staring at my Google Reader waiting for your next post to come out! But LOLZ I’d choose you over employment any day! F’real!”

In summary, I can’t seem to get a job. I’ve been turned down so many times and in so many ways in the past many months that I’ve come to expect nothing but this constant sense of failure. And it’s been a nonstop pity party. Believe me. The worst part of the whole shebang is hearing, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, the only thing other people seem to be able to say to me: “Something will turn up.”

But the pity party stops now. Now that I have purged my soul a wee bit for everyone to see. And starting tomorrow, I’m going to begin the pursuit of a dream… maybe. I have a lot of ideas for directions to take this dream in, with one in particular that is likely just a teensy weensy hell of a long ways out of my reach. But I was always good at Sit-‘n’-Reach during elementary school gym class, and I bet that if I’m willing to take a leap of faith, and reach waaaaaaaaay past my comfort zone, I just might be able to land on my feet. Maybe?

I will see. And you will see too, once I find out a bit more and make some mondo decisions. For now, how about some additional imagery of where my life is at right now, this time of the scenery near my house? I ventured out on a bike ride today, taught myself to do a wheelie (finally!), found some overly-delicious raspberries, and nearly got caught in a fearsome downpour.


And now that those clouds of doom are looming large on your monitor, how about a bright and cheery popsicle to bring things right… as rain?

I’ve been making popsicles consistently over the past few weeks, and have been loving a creamier-style ice pop than you saw with my Rhubarb and White Pine Paletas. I’ve found that a nice and easy combination to use is a can of frozen juice concentrate – in this case, Orange Pineapple – some sugar and water, and a few tubs of flavored yogurt.

This time around, I used Chobani Peach; last time, I used Chobani Passion Fruit, which was equally delicious. Chobani has so many fantastic flavors that I plan to keep making variations on a theme until the weather gets cool – – Blood Orange? Honey? Pomegranate? Black Cherry? Mango? Yes please!

Creamy Orange Pineapple & Peach Popsicles {original recipe}

Makes 15-16 3 oz popsicles


1 can Orange Pineapple juice concentrate
1 1/2 c. water
1 c. sugar
2 6 oz (170 g) Chobani Peach yogurt tubs (or substitute your favorite flavor)


In a saucepan, heat juice concentrate, water, and sugar, stirring until sugar dissolves. Add in yogurt, incorporating until mixed. I used an immersion blender to puree the chunks of fruit that came in the yogurt tubs.

Once the mixture is smooth, pour into popsicle molds or 3 oz juice cups. If using juice cups, set on a tray, and cover tightly with plastic wrap (tape down the edges). Cut small marks for popsicle sticks (I used twigs), and insert. Alternatively, sticks can be inserted after one to two hours of freezing, if plastic wrap is not taut enough.

Freeze for at least 6-8 hours, preferably overnight. Enjoy!

PS – this is my 100th post! Finally.

45 thoughts on “when life gives you nothing, have a creamy orange pineapple & peach popsicle

  1. I want a popsicle NOW! So flippin’ hot here that I can’t even manage to peel myself off the chair, and make something to eat.
    I hate interviews. I’d rather never work again then go to an interview. I’m sorry you’ve had to go to any.
    I’ve been mentally making a list of things you can reinvent yourself as:
    Luche Libre wrestler. I don’t know what your name could be, but I’m sure there’s something catchy with chocolate.
    How about a food truck? Every food truck owner seems to be tired of “the man” so they get a food truck. Again it could be chocolate related.
    Or, you could take people across the country on hiking/chocolate factory tours. Sort of like a naturalist meets Willy Wonka. Purple suite optional.
    Any rate, I hope you find yourself happy where you are and where you want to go!

    1. Ack, chair peel:) Interviews do make me pretty nervous, mostly because I’m a rather quirky individual who enjoys smiling and laughing a bit much and have a hard time deciding how much of that I want to show at first. Because people tend to be freaked out by happiness for some strange reason. Anyway, unless new jobs come about, I’ve exhausted all my options in the region. Booyah.

      Free fighting, hmm? Yeahhhhh, sounds right up my alley. My mask could be a cat face! Raawrrr!

      Not enough people around here for a food truck, sadly. That would surely stick it to the man though;)

      Hehee, naturalist Willy Wonka, bing bing bing bing bing! Sounds like a blast!! Thank you Sarah:) xoxo

  2. Emma, I cannot believe no one has snatched you up. You are a gifted writer (and now you can do wheelies too!) Jokes aside, I think any employer should be psyched to have you. Regardless, I’m glad you are chasing your dreams. Please keep us all posted.

    1. Perhaps I should visit the aforementioned employers and do aggressive wheelies in front of them until they repent and give me a job. Then again, maybe not.

      I will definitely keep you posted! Thank you for the kind thoughts, xoxo

  3. Good luck with your job search and I can sympathize with you… I’m currently looking for jobs and not finding them and got turned down so many times as a new massage therapist I’m kind of scared. You have to push on, but after coming up empty handed and rejected it gets very tiring. I hope you find that great job and just keep at it, because I will be keeping at it myself too.

    1. I wish you the best of luck, it’s just such a crappy mental state to be in after so many rejections. I feel your pain. And it sucks.

      For me, there’s nowhere left to push on to, as I live in an area where jobs (and people) are scarce. Hence I hope to blaze my own path!

  4. Emma!!

    I’m emerging from the depths of no Internet land to give you mad props for throwing it all out there and going for your dreams. You’re going to go places, girl! I miss hearing from you.

    The blueberries say hello. If you’re up for a midcoast adventure next week (our harvest is over next Saturday), email me! The farm is gorgeous.

    Stay well!

    1. Brianne!! I’ve missed you. Thank you for reappearing during this time of need:)

      Blueberries! Ooh, I’ll have to consider that. I’d love very much to come down and check it out, it sounds like a fantastic place! xoxo

  5. So many reactions, so few words to express them … cat tongue (squee), hoping my past words have been more along the lines of ‘enjoy where you’re at and where you’re going’ and less along the lines of ‘something will turn up’, ohmygoodnesssoexcitingyayforyougoodluck, wheelie woo hoo (!!!), loving the photos, and other things that can’t be said while I still hold my own cards close to my chest (nothing personal, just a fear of who may be looking over my virtual shoulder).

    1. I’m glad someone else likes that insanely cute cat tongue. Her tongue gets stuck like that all the time, it’s adorable.

      Wheeeelieee! It was my summer goal to learn how to do a wheelie, so at least I’ve accomplished that. I look forward to hearing about those cards of yours as soon as you are able to share them. Feel free to send me an email, too, if you’d like to talk more in depth. I tend to talk more freely when I know the world [Big Brother] isn’t watching me. Wheeelieeeee woo hoo! xo

      1. Hey, so I came to snoop around for your e-mail address but can’t see it anywhere. If you feel like a virtual chat at some stage, drop me a line at unocaffelatte(at)gmail(dot)com. Fair warning though, you’ve seen how long my comments can get so you can image how much I’d prattle on without restraint! :D

  6. Hey, that’s cool you’re going for it and pursuing a dream! I’m looking forward to seeing how you fare, which I suspect, given your talents, should be very well indeed. I have trouble taking the big leaps, and am always inspired when someone else does.

    1. Thanks Leaf! I have trouble taking big leaps too… things have always fallen into place so easily for me up to this point, that it’s difficult to know how to choose what to do. But I think at this point I just need to listen to my heart:)

  7. That are some serious dark clouds!

    I wish you luck with whatever you are going to aspire.
    And I want one of those popsicles.

    1. They were so dark! In my mind, I knew I should bike home, and quick. But I had to stop twice because the clouds were just so photo-worthy:)

      Thank you for the good luck! I’ll need it. Mmm, popsicles.

  8. Geez, I’d like to be freaked out by your happiness today, or tomorrow, or the next day–it’s lovely to hear your thoughts, anyway…THAT CAT COULD NOT BE ANY CUTER!!!!!
    Those are some really dark clouds–I’m sure that they don’t hang around over your house tho;-)
    You go, girl.


      The dark clouds were very welcome. Our hose connector thing broke so now I have to water everything by hand, so now I’m watering less, plus it hadn’t rained here in forever, so I welcomed it:) Plus it was gorgeous to watch the storm roll in.

      Woohoo, so much to plan! So much to do! So much to learn! So many times to pause and remember how cute Beata is in this photo.

  9. My darling, while it hurts my heart that the folks in that thaaar area cannot see the wonderment and joy that is you in your complete and utter should-never-be-given-up glory, I am truly excited that you’ve decided to use this current paused-employment period of your life to start drema-searching! Hurrah!

    And I totally want a sneaky secret email letting me know more detail, but of course understand if you can’t.


    See? I can do the glimpses-of-life-via-comments too :P

    1. It has hurt my heart for a very long time too, and I’ve been pretty offended about the whole thing as well. But… BUT… no more of that! I’m taking charge now!

      Oooh, glimpses of life. I hope your parents have been able to communicate secretly with you in some form or shape. Long-distance smoke signal? Carrier pigeon? Message in a bottle?

      I will be in touch…. :D :D :D Get ready to smile!

  10. I’m sorry your job search has turned up luckless, but I’m intrigued to hear more about this dream of yours that you’ve so bravely decided to go after. Hope your hard work pays off. If not, at least you have popsicles. ;)

    1. Yes, it’s a good thing I always have a backup plan: popsicles:)

      I will share some information as soon as ideas become more finalized! I’m intrigued too:D

  11. 100 posts, woop woop! Félicitations!

    I won’t say that something will turn up… I’m not big on angering people unduly (just duly) …but sounds like you will make it happen on your own terms. Excited to hear more!

    1. It’s all good, I’m big on duly angering folks too. Like poor you, who needs her package already. I’ve been financially bound as of late, but today was payday (not for me, haha!), so sending your package is now of priority.

      Excited to tell more!

      1. Ooh, glad to hear it! I was kind of worried a curious mailman kept it for himself. Not that I could blame him; aren’t ALL South Americans obsessed with rice paper??? (…yeah, right.)

        1. I’m sorry:( Rest assured that I couldn’t even afford yummy groceries! I’ve just been chewing on this rice paper that I found….. just kidding!

  12. emma,
    i’m going to echo rachael’s (movita’s) sentiment: i hope your dreams come true as well. because you and i have joked and commented and kidded our way into being friends, by now, and i loves you and feel for how frustrated you must be.
    so i want you to Sit-n-Reach your way into something totally epic. and i want it to be on your own terms. and i can’t wait to hear all about it. and just know that if i were up there, i’d come over, you could make me any kind of popsicle you wanted, and i’d make you one of my things, and we could hang out, quite possibly saying witty things back and forth to each other. or we could begin work on our mystery detective cookbook.

    1. Thank you, Shannon. I have been very frustrated, but I’ve chosen to let all of that go now, and I feel much much much better for doing so. It’s tough, since my boyfriend and I are (were!) in the same industry, being around his colleagues (who could only talk about their profession, yadda yadda yadda) often made me feel incompetent and alone. Even though I knew I was not incompetent, which would in turn make me angry. It’s not healthy!

      But I am so stretching for something totally epic here. Amazingly epic, for me. I can’t wait to talk more about it!

      Meanwhile, you should definitely take a holiday in this part of the country soon. We can work on our choose an adventure cookbook, and we can hop over to Nova Scotia and visit Rachael. She can feed us hodge podge, and other funny Canadian things. And Dare cookies! Yum.

  13. I’ve said it a ton, Emma…you have a ton of talent and your breakout moment IS coming. And when it does, it will be fantabulous! If there’s anything that I can do to support the many awesome dreams that I know are in your heart, let me know…otherwise, I will wait and watch and be ready to say, “I knew her when….”

    Good luck, be courageous, and dream big!

    1. Aww, Kathryn! Amidst all of your Buttermilk Sky fame, you remembered me:) It is actually you who inspired me to do what I’m attempting to do. It was your words of encouragement and your suggestion for locations to scope out…

      I now need to accrue significant capital, that’s my only issue. But somehow, it will (probably) happen! I’m dreaming huge:)

      1. Ooooh, I so totally can’t wait to learn more! Maybe Buttermilk can become an angel investor…

        Glad to know you, and glad if any of my suggestions give you a springboard to wild, crazy, phenomenal success…which you deserve!

        1. I wouldn’t say no to that! Financially-keen goat dressed up in business wear with a briefcase? Too cute!

          I’ll tell you more soon:)

  14. Congratulations on your 100th post! I loved all the images in your story and as soon as we get some warmer weather I will be giving the popsicle a try ;)

  15. Hope I didn’t offend with my fb comment last week – I hadn’t read this post yet :( I didn’t mean to sound insensitive. I’ve been in the unemployed ranks for over a year and a half now. I got so tired of being rejected – from a wide variety of jobs, not just ecology-related ones – I eventually gave up the job search. My solution is returning to school to try again; your New Venture sounds like it has the potential to be way more interesting. I wish you all the luck in the world in achieving your dreams.

    1. Susan, no way, you could never offend! I was so touched to hear from you, I sincerely appreciated everything you said. I promise.

      I hear you on getting sick of the rejection, it’s like a cruel joke, isn’t it? It’s particularly devastating that you couldn’t find work given all the opportunities (large population) that you’re surrounded by. Rotten non-hiring fools, not knowing what they missed out on.

      I hope that future schooling goes well for you, and that you enjoy it as much as you did ecology. New Venture has potential, yes, but it is also scary! Thank you for the luck, I need it:)


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