chocolate rally: komforte chockolates, mast brothers, b.t. mcelrath

A long long time ago, back in the deep depths of despair that were the days of writing my thesis, I took a short break from stressin’ to tell you about Komforte Chockolates. Last time around, I reviewed their Ramen Noodle, French Toast, and Tortilla Lime + Salt bars. I enjoyed these wacky offerings from Komforte, but had a few issues with their product consistency. I also expressed a longing to try their Apple Pie + Graham bar.


Soon after, a package arrived Speedy Delivery-style from the West Coast, filled with all five of the Komforte Chockolate bars. I was told that there are some production consistency issues that the company has been working to remedy. Perhaps those issues are now resolved, as all of the bars this time had consistently-dispersed flavor additions.

So without further ado, I present two more fun and enticing chocolate bars: Savory Ramen, and Apple Pie + Graham.

The Savory Ramen bar is a step in the right direction for Komforte flavor-wise. With a 53% cacao content, this bar had a nice dark chocolate aroma that also hinted at the umami flavors within: included in the chocolate were ramen noodles, onion, garlic, and soy sauce. In sampling the chocolate, the onion and garlic flavors were initially prominent, tasting as they would in powdered form in ramen noodle packages. Not surprising, given that the flavor incorporations are onion and garlic powder. These savory snippets melded nicely with the sweet chocolate, and came forward flavor-wise when ramen noodle pieces were unearthed. A pleasant light aftertaste of ramen and onion flavors lingered satisfactorily.

I enjoyed this candy bar, thinking that I would perhaps appreciate it even more if the chocolate was less sweet, and the savory elements were given full rein.

Unlike the Savory Ramen, the flavors of the Apple Pie + Graham bar weren’t strong enough for my discerning (demanding) sweet tooth. Inside the outer milk chocolate layer was graham biscotti, white chocolate and ‘natural apple and cinnamon flavors.’ Visually, the bar looked great. Aromatically, it was a go – down home apple cinnamon goodness wafted readily. But again, the chocolate was very sweet, and I believe this masked what could otherwise have been a top notch candy bar. As is, it was interestingly tasty.


A few weeks ago, I spent hours working on a giant wood-burnt stake as an ode to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I then took a very long series of pictures of the stake, some of which [shown above] envisioned a world of vampire slayage/chocolate adorage hybridizing. I lastly spent hours being disappointed in the aforepictured Mast Brothers Black Truffle bar for not tasting more like mushrooms.

It mostly tasted like salt. Given that there was a layer of Maine sea salt on the underside of the bar, I wasn’t terribly shocked at this revelation. Just disappointed that of the purported mushroom chocolate bars out there (coughVosgescough), I’m yet to taste one that in any way represents something mycological.

For what its worth, the chocolate was enjoyable. Rather dark and perhaps a bit salty, but enjoyable. I just need to stop falling for mushroom chocolate – – or, maybe I need to make my own.


I like to praise B.T. McElrath whenever I get the chance. I’ve made that pretty obvious with the many times I’ve written about them. However, as excited as I was to try their Super Red bar, I was equally nervous, because it seems like dried fruit in chocolate is rarely done right. It’s always overly chewy, or chemical-tasting, or just bland.

The praise continues, however. Super Red does it right, using pieces of dried cherries, strawberries and raspberries that are too small to be overly chewy, too flavorful to be bland, and too (seemingly) freeze dried to taste of chemicals. Raspberry and strawberry are the prevalent fruit flavors, to the point that I didn’t notice any indication of a cherry presence. The 70% cacao is the perfect mix of dark and sweet for the fruity additions, making this a very easy bar to snack on. While I would like to be able to distinctly taste the three fruits, it is commendable that they mesh seamlessly into one even fruit flavor – this ensures a consistent product.

Komforte Chockolates

Available online from Seattle Chocolates, or at any of the stores listed here. Find them also on Facebook.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

111 N 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Open daily, 12h00-19h00

B.T. McElrath Chocolatier

2010 E. Hennepin Ave., #78
Minneapolis, MN 55413


For the Buffy fans out there: The Season 1 episode intro, and an attempt at capturing Drusilla’s vamp face.


32 thoughts on “chocolate rally: komforte chockolates, mast brothers, b.t. mcelrath

  1. Make your own, make your own! That would be awesome.
    My husband is a Buffy fan. It’s ridiculous. I tried, but couldn’t stop laughing. I did find Dollhouse to be a surprisingly good Whedon product. I’m going to forward your steak picture to him.

    1. I started watching Buffy again because I started questioning whether or not this show I loved so much the first time around was as enjoyable as I remembered. It is. I love it.

      I haven’t seed Dollhouse, so I’ll have to check that one out next!

      Maybe I will make my own mushroom chocolate!

  2. Very intrigued by the unusual flavors of the Komforte chockolates. I too keep trying mushroom chocolates and find myself underwhelmed every time. I’ve never tried making a chocolate bar, so maybe I could give it a go with black tea and dried shiitake. That would be the perfect flavor for me.

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me who can’t taste the mushroomness in the mushroom chocolates I’ve tried.

      Ooh, black tea + shiitake? That sounds very very enticing!

  3. I am intrigued to try the black truffle and the ramen. This summer my wife and I started making gourmet s’mores on our chiminea, you selections would make great additions. Thanks for another great post!

    1. Oooooh s’mores. I finally had my first s’more of the season a few weekends ago when we were camping out — it was about time, since I talk about them every time I pass the marshmallow/choc/graham cracker end caps at the grocery store. Now I want another one, and it’s barely breakfast time…

  4. My first thought was that Apple Pie would be fantastic … but then I realised I’d much prefer just to have my apple pie as apple pie and my chocolate as chocolate! The Super Red though sounds delectable and I am going to have to try to work out how to get my hands on some.

          1. Oh dear, it was all such a blur. We ate three in a row while laying on the floor next to the dining table (it’s carpeted!)… I believe, though, that they were Salted Butter Caramels! Sososo good.

    1. Sometimes, I think that apple pie is boring. I suppose that’s a terrible thing to admit, but there you go. Still, I would never want anything chocolate on my apple pie. That said, I like the idea of apple pie chocolate. The idea was right, but the flavors just weren’t as snazzy as I’d hoped.

      Well, I can help you figure out how to get your hands on some Super Red…

      1. Um … I pretend that I’m a legitimate business wanting to sell them here in Aus when really I just want to buy copious amounts for my own consumption? :D

          1. My body is a business!?!

            Oh, and I knew those dragonfly chocs would be nothing but deliciousness.

  5. I’ve got a theory! Some kid is dreaming! And we’re all stuck inside his wacky Broadway nightmare!

    Funny, the Mast Brothers truffle chocolate I have (with prettier packaging, too) was very strong in truffle. So dirty-sock-and-earthy-like. But I’ve also had truffle cheese and truffle butter that didn’t taste at all like truffle, so it might be down to the, well, truffle, sometimes?

    1. I’m still on Season 3, no musical yet! Also no Tara, who bugs me. And no “Dawnie, here’s a dollar for the machine. Since you’re a teenager, let me talk to you like you’re five, Dawnie.”

      Lucky you, getting strong truffle taste. Getting dirty sock taste. So lucky!

      I’ve had truffle butter and truffle oil, and I couldn’t taste the truffle in those, either. Uh oh – maybe it’s me.

  6. emma, emma, emma: you make me crave weird chocolate like no one else can. i’m so excited by the ramen and apple pie graham chocolates i may order them myself, just to see. or all of them; french toast and tortilla lime sound excellent as well.
    and here’s the thing: you made a burnt-wood stake of drusilla’s face – like, took the time to do that – while at the same time caring about chocolate. i sometimes wish i was your neighbor.

    1. The French Toast is very sweet, but a good candy bar. The Tortilla Lime + Salt might be my favorite, it has big chunks of chips in it and is so yummers. Try them!

      My stake is now overlooking my garden. Protecting it, if you will. I hope I don’t have to use it (but only because it’s really heavy)!

    1. I’m not sure if they import… maybe they could send a crate or two straight to you:)

      Given that they’ve had consistency issues with their bars, I wonder if the Apple Pie + Graham bars vary in flavor? It was a good idea for them to incorporate white chocolate into the bar, but the milk chocolate was just so (as you would say) dayem sweet, that it was overkill for me. So much potential, indeed!

    1. This was an interesting batch for the tastebuds. I couldn’t get over how much I enjoyed the flavors of garlic and onion powder mixed into dark chocolate!

  7. So now I’m racing around checking out all the different choc. flavors I’ve been missing. Seriously jealous here. But what fun! :)

  8. Where have I been? I am so completely sheltered? Why haven’t I seen any of these chocolates Mushroom chocolate??!! I love that you can buy some of them at the R.E.I. stores in Houston. Thanks for bringing me out of my “chocolate/sea salt is so wild” safety net.

    1. That’s pretty cool that they had chocolate available at REI. I miss REI… none in this state!

      Chocolate and sea salt is still pretty wild… but there’s so much more;) Glad to have you on board the Out There Chocolate Train!

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