(better than the real thing) homemade oreos

Or to be trade markedly correct, I suppose I should say (better than the real thing) Creme Sandwich Cookies.

I’m an Oreo fiend. It’s a perhaps well-kept secret that I can eat at least 2/3rds of a package in one sitting, if given the chance. I am never given the chance, hence it being a secret well-kept. Other grubby-handed people seem to think that they, too, deserve at least a few Oreo cookies. Jerks.

But Oreos are something that I only seem to gain access to at voluntary slavery (community service) events, as I live my life by a moral code that mostly involves avoiding the center aisles of the grocery store where packaged foods are found. In my quest to be an ethically-righteous grocery shopper, I have limited my access to this sinfully yummy cookie.

Luckily, with the gentle prodding of my wonderful mum (who along with my wonderful father just visited me for two weeks), the delight of Oreos was easily recreated in my own home. No preservatives needed! Now, you may be thinking, “Didn’t you make these cookies last year? Right after you finished watching Highlander and were feeling mopey?”

And yes, sure. I made nearly-identical cookies last year. But the filling in these cookies is way tastier, and much more like coughcoughOreoscough. The filling is intoxicatingly good. Plus there’s a whole lot of it. Plus plus, I just started watching Highlander again.

I have many exciting things that I want to share here, but I will save those things for separate posts.

I will say that we spent part of Saturday picking fiddleheads, and we hauled in over ten pounds’ worth. Many of those are cleaned up, a few have been eaten, and some have been ‘dealt with.’ I will write soon about how to pickle fiddleheads.

I will also say that I went for my first mountain bike ride this past weekend. I got awfully tired awfully quickly and learned about how sore hands can be (who knew?), and also learned why I’m glad I purchased a bike helmet. I’ll write more soon about this too, because we built my bike from scratch.

I will finally say how grateful I am that my parents could come and visit us. It was a terrific two weeks, although I brought everybody down by getting sick, and then by getting my parents sick. I’m sorry! Thank you for visiting! I wish it had been warmer and sunnier while you were here!!

Come back and play more cribbage soon, please. We will perhaps eat more owl cake, drink more delicious and beautiful pop (soda?), look confusingly at my Iron Maiden drawings, and marvel at the plants in and around my yard. I love you!

Find the Homemade Oreos (‘Chocolate ‘n’ Cream Sandwich Cookies’) recipe here. It’s a Martha recipe, and I didn’t alter it, so I won’t post it.

Although the cookie component is a bit different, you will never have to buy Oreos again. Honest.


28 thoughts on “(better than the real thing) homemade oreos

  1. I made Fauxreos from the blog BraveTart for Christmas last year. They were good, but the dough was really hard to work with and the filling was way too squishy! Yours look amazing.

    Holy 10 pounds of fiddleheads! I can’t get enough of them right now. And how wonderful to spend two whole weeks with your parents! My family is coming out for a week in June, and I cannot wait.

    1. Ah, Fauxreos, that’s a trade markedly-correct term if I’ve ever heard one. This dough was super easy, although the more times I rolled it out (always between wax paper) the stickier it got. Still manageable though.

      Yeah I haven’t really weighed all the fiddleheads, so we might have more than ten pounds. We pickled 3 quarts and 3 pints yesterday, and I’m going to tackle a similar amount either today or later this week.

      Honestly, we picked that amount in a little over an hour!

  2. The cookies look great. Perhaps I can talk Ellie into letting me make some. Congrats on the first bike ride of the year too. I agree, helmets, are a life saver. On our trip across Britain, I fell in Scotland and hit my head so hard I crack my helmet in half. My head survived. :) Keep riding.

    Other side note, not sure if you like adventure documentaries, but Ellie and I just watched a rad one about a mountain bike race across the Continental Divide Trail. Its called Ride the Divde. It made me want to pick up mountain biking. Ellie said no… Maybe we’ll hike it instead.

    1. I suppose you guys might still consider these cookies frightfully unhealthy, which I understand. I made some raw energy balls last week which you would approve of, but those don’t photograph too well… :)

      That’s so scary to hear that you cracked your helmet in half! Ick. I’ll definitely keep riding, and I’m looking forward to going again this week. The only time I’ve really felt scared of biking was after I was run off the road into dusty gravel in Minneapolis. No helmet that time.

      I’ll definitely check out Ride the Divide! I’m very interested in hiking the CDT at some point in the future, so it’ll be sweet to see the scenery. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Hurray! My brother in law LOVES Oreos (specifically frozen Oreos, and I don’t know if that makes a difference). I’m making him a big batch of these for his birthday next month. I also very much love that owl cake. How do you think of such creative ways to make cakes?

    1. Actually, I didn’t make the cake! My boyfriend’s sister made it for us since we both graduated last week:) Isn’t it amazing?? The best part – the OREO eyes!

      I’ve never frozen an Oreo, so I’m not sure how these would compare in that regard. And while the cookies are quite different, they’re really easy to work with (I rolled the dough out between wax paper, but would have dusted with cocoa powder if I hadn’t ran out!). The dough doesn’t really rise much, so you could do something fun and decorative with the cookies before baking.

    1. As I told my family, this version is better because I’m satisfied after one, or possibly two, cookies. Whereas with Oreos I don’t seem able to stop eating once I start… who knows what’s really in them!

  4. That owl cake! What a hoot! Anyway.
    Yay, sounds like a good time with the folks. I often play the card game 500 when I’m with mine, might have to get them onto Cribbage though!
    I swear everything is just not tasting the way it used to – possibly true, what with palm oil’s horrible reign, and everything – so I’m VERY receptive to homemade versions of things. It’s quite hard to get hold of Oreos here in NZ though – I might be lying here, but I’m pretty sure they’re not heavily stocked – so I’d hardly know what I was missing. Probably just a ton of palm oil, let’s be honest!

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever played 500, so maybe we can do a lil switcharoo in our card gaming lives. Any special fashion accessories required for 500? I want to make sure I do this right:)

      I picture a large vat of palm oil, crowned and on a throne, holding a scepter made from a conglomeration of plastic-packaged junk food. Horrible reign.

      Still, it can be awfully tasty…. which grosses me out. Glad you’re receptive to homemade versions;)

  5. 10 pounds of fiddleheads! Nice. I only got a few pounds this year and froze them all. My boyfriend doesn’t really like them, so I didn’t want to end up watching them waste in the fridge for the next two weeks.

    Because, yes. I’m unfortunately one of those women who just watches food go bad and can’t quite get up the intelligent gumption to put it into my mouth.

    1. We froze many of ours too. What a bummer that your boyfriend doesn’t care for them. I have this wonderful feeling of wealth when I’m foraging, so much so that even if I didn’t like what I was gathering, I probably wouldn’t care!

      Oh no, a watches-food-go-bad woman! You can change your wicked ways:D I let food go bad rampantly until a few months ago…

  6. Awwww! Your parents look so lovely! I like them even more now (I’m apparently fickle that way). Also, you built your own bike? Holy moly! I can’t even build a stack of pancakes.

    Make a preservative-free version of Tim Tams now? And save some picklehead ferns (oh gosh, I just noticed that typo but I love it so much I’m going to leave it) for me? I’ve never ever had the chance to try them :)

    1. My parents are sweeties! Especially for indulging me in taking a long hike:)

      I wouldn’t have been able to build my own bike if it wasn’t for my boyfriend, it was all of his knowledge and about 5% of my own effort. Maybe 15%. But it definitely felt empowering to be able to create something like that! Oh, and I can only eat two pancakes in one go, tops, so I can’t build a useful stack of pancakes either.

      I’ve never had Tim Tams, but I accept your challenge!

      Awwww, does Hannah want her widdle Pickleheads?? Okay, no problem! I like that typo:D

    1. I suppose ‘wholesome’ wouldn’t be a word I’d use to describe them… but they don’t seem ovvvvverly unhealthy to me either. That said, I probably eat the equivalent of this recipe’s butter component every few days, so it’s all relative, right? :D

  7. i too could eat at least 2/3 a bag of Oreos in one sitting, if not the whole bag. it would have to be a special day for me to down the entire thing, but either way, it’s why i never purchase them. it’s not safe; for me, or for the Oreos.
    these look so good! i think i’ve seen this Martha recipe before and filed it away in my bookmarks, but i’ve never tried it. you’ve renewed my interest. maybe after my self-imposed pre-summer diet is over.

    1. Yahoo, someone after my own heart! It’s a very unsafe purchase, I agree. I was just passing through the cookie aisle last week and saw all the crazy innovative Oreo varieties they’re selling now. Birthday cake Oreos?? Seems a bit too much…. tasty.

      Self-imposed pre-summer diet!? Ah man, anything with the word diet in it freaks me out. How about a self-imposed pre-summer fauxreo-eating competition instead?? :D

  8. Thanks, darlin’ for the beautiful post–and just for the record, you definitely did NOT bring us down…it was so wonderful being out there with you, we enjoyed every little second!! Thanks to you both for being so open arms welcoming and all…
    (I wonder if next time, a person could put the softened frosting on with a bag with a large tip?hmmmmm)

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