where are we?

We are away. It hasn’t been terribly sunny. In fact, it’s been misty, foggy, chilly and rainy. It’s vacation, and I love it.

You’ll hear more from me soon, but for now, I’ll leave you with this to ponder:

Harrumph. You’ll see more from this place soon.

And here’s to hoping it’s sunny where you are  – or rainy, if you like rain the way I do!


4 thoughts on “where are we?

  1. What gorgeous, lush photos, as usual; and what a cute little car! I think that they forgot to put an “a” in the title to the chocolate shop, haha. Looking forward to hearing more…

  2. Beautiful!! Cloudy, rainy weather makes me happy, too! Texas is too sunny most of the time, but can put on some awesome thunderstorms. :)

  3. Hannah: You should have seen the misty fog-mist in Portland, Maine this morning. It was phenomenal. I almost couldn’t bring myself to leave town, it was that powerful. Poor sad dingy Canberra fog:(

    Mum: I had to think about your comment for quite awhile before I made sense of it. I hope you aren’t referring to my French minor and waist size in combination!! That car shot was all for you (and for others who may like endangering themselves by reversing directions on foggy mountain roads).

    Jessica: So glad to have a friend in the cloudy, rainy weather business! While I don’t always have the best memory, I clearly remember Texas and its hot and sunny nature. It may have been the most terrible back-of-legs sunburn (ever!) that did it for me:(

    These days I don’t see nearly as many awesome thunderstorms as I’d like to. I’ve got to get myself back to the Midwest!

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