an ode to my mother, because i love her very much

I would like to make a proclamation. It is bold (and in bold font). I think my mum is the best!

Don’t we look great?

I have never seen her hair not curly. I have never seen her with glasses not-circular. I love her.

We listen to Belle & Sebastian, Keane, Ron Sexsmith, The Corrs, and Band of Horses, and we sing along at the top of our lungs. When I’m lucky, we even listen to the Spice Girls. And to top it off, we went to a New Kids on the Block concert together in 2008. She obliges me in all my musical whims, and I think she is the best. I like NKOTB a lot too.

She gets dangerously close to alligators.

She loves my cat almost as much as I do. Almost.

She has been known to eat TeenAgers chips. Silly Italy.

And perhaps most importantly, she taught me about the finer things in life. Yes, sugar! I don’t remember having piles of sugared treats lying around when I was younger (I’m making up for that now), but holidays have always been a nifty excuse for chocolates, and other tasty snacks. Now, years later and too many miles apart, she still sends me delights that make my tummy happy, and heart full – of love, and of longing to share more time with this wonderful lady. She took every effort to ensure that this year’s Easter basket was a delight:

I throw the apple in because she also instilled in me a great love of fruit. It’s not all about sugar, people. Yes, I have many fillings in my teeth, but the dentists have told me I have very deep grooves (I swear). Several times they also told me I had the cleanest teeth they’d seen in a long time. So thank you, mum: the brush-a brush-a brush-a song has worked wonders for years.

Above you will find the wonderful tasties that I have been enjoying for weeks now. Yes, those are Beatrix Potter gummies. Crazy, no? I kind of want to frame them on the wall. There are hazelnut-flavored Lindt froggy creations (I think they’re supposed to be frogs. They have funny mouths), Lake Champlain Chocolates in coconut cream and raspberry cream flavors, and my favorite Starburst jellybeans. I would like to mention that these Lake Champlain Chocolate half-eggs were wonderful; the chocolate was flavorful and inviting, with a terrific snap. I loved the coconut creams especially. I had to look on their blog to find out the second flavor: I thought it was cherry. Oops. But overall, really excellent chocolates. Good job, LCC.

As this is not a chocolate review – it is a mum review – I will stop the chocolate analysis there.

No, wait, I won’t. I’ve got more. After my super positive review of the Minneapolis-based Lily Bloom’s Kitchen Gourmet Chocolate Macaroons, the world’s bestest mum sent me more! Here is what they looked like before I opened them, one rainy day last week. Scroll down to see what they looked like one day later – even the box looked like it had been through a war.

To be honest, I had some help with this. I like to think of myself as a generous chocolate sharer, rather than a hoarder.

In summary, I wish I could eat more lobster rolls with my mum.

I wish we could go for more walks near bogs under windmills on Prince Edward Island. And eat seafood crepes beforehand. And investigate more in-depth the motivations behind horse-drawn seaweed harvesting. As I hate this picture of myself very much, I am proving my love for my mum by showing it to the world. She loves this picture.

And finally, I can’t wait until Christmas, when we will again do a number on the potatoes of the world, to make piles upon piles of wonderful, delicious lefse.

I love you and miss you, mum. I wish that I hadn’t dropped my phone into the cat’s bedside cup of water and left it there unknowingly for nearly three hours, as it is now busted and I can’t call you. But these things happen (if you’re me).

Happy Mother’s Day!


17 thoughts on “an ode to my mother, because i love her very much

  1. Emma, well and nicely done!! I am speechless, I am overcome, I am sooo proud of what you do, what you are able to do. Those photos…the jellybeans just glow; why are they glowing? And you are right, I just love the model picture. Good pictures all…I love you to pieces:-) Thank you thank you thank you—Best possible Mother’s Day gift ever.

    1. Mum: I am proud of all the sugar I’m able to eat too – and it’s nice to receive your benediction confirming that. Just kidding.

      The jellybeans may be glowing because a) you sent me RadioactiveBurst jellybeans instead, or b) the sunshine was sunshining on them spectacularly in the early of the morning! Take your pick which option you prefer.

      And egghghh non-model picture. But it’s all for you, lady! I love you, love you, love you.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous post. I’ll allow you your early statement because your mum clearly is wonderful, but secretly I know that my mum truly is the bestest ;) Perhaps we could call it a tie?

    (P.S. I keep nagging my mum to let me post photos of her, but she’s a blogger and keeps herself anonymous, so she won’t let me. Sigh!)

    1. Hannah: Hehe, when I told my mum that she better look online, and that there were visuals, she let out a long and plaintive “oooooh nooooo.” But look at that comment, she loved it. I don’t think she will start up a lit-based blog anytime soon though:)

      Heck yes we can call it a tie! Although with our mighty forces combined (and your worldwide color squadron of cool) we could forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmm…….. Captain….. Planet!!! I jest, let’s just call it a tie.

    1. El: Perhaps I wasn’t clear – she’s the best!! Just kidding, I was oh so clear:)

      But I forgot to mention how amazingly similar my mum and I are. That comes through in some of the photos, yikes, same face!

  3. A mum review! Your mum is gorgeous, look at all that chocolate and NKOTB and hugging and so on. Warms the heart :) and also, those macarons look amazingly good.

    1. Laura @ hungryandfrozen: As much as I love my mum, late-80s NKOTB may be even more gorgeous than her (yipe did I say that out loud?)! But after all, they are five bad brothas from Beantown, and she, one classy lady. If there were five of her though….

      Glad to warm your heart. Eat some macaroons, they are heart-warmingly delicious!

  4. Just imagine what it might be like staring at those lily bloom macaroons all day as you’re stocking produce. Not fair. What else is not fair is that I have the pleasure of working with your mom and seeing her so often in the week while you are away and missing her. She is truly an amazing person and she thinks the world of you. Thanks for sharing your awesome mom. Thanks for showing her your love. Megan at the co-op

  5. Megan: Ah wow, this was incredibly nice of you to say. I’m really touched. And I’m of course always ready to pull alligator and chip-eating pictures out of my arsenal to show my mum my love for her; with all the distance between us I need a few grandiose gestures to get my point across:)

    You have a better selection of chocolate at HPC than I have in a two-hour radius of me. Yeah, not fair! But if I were in your position I might eat a box of Lily Bloom’s macaroons each day (spaced out over time… maybe).

    Thank you for what honestly may be the most meaningful comment I’ve received to-date.

  6. Pat: Aww! And I know she thinks highly of you as well:) I heard from that lovely mother of mine that you’ve begun running again? Congratulations, I hope it feels great!

    Jessica: Lovely lady, lovely lady. Indeed! We are cute because our voices sound the same (especially on the phone) when we get excited. I am more inclined to say “Ohhh my gosh!!” though:)

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