macaroons from minneapolis

I’d tried them once before.

While I don’t often veer off of my chocolate bar-crazed course, I admit that I have a weak spot for Lily Bloom’s Kitchen’s  Kosher Parve, Gluten-Free Gourmet Chocolate Macaroons. And now I have another pack of six in  my possession. Oops, make that had.

Straight outta Minneapolis, Lily Bloom’s Kitchen was founded in 2009 with the premise of creating gluten-free chocolate macaroons based on a family recipe. Normally anything touted as gluten-free raises my heckles a little bit, as I refuse to jump on the trend-labeling anti-gluten bandwagon that suggests that 1 in 105 Americans may suffer from Celiac Disease. Sorry Wikipedia, I don’t believe you this time.

I should point out here that there are two principal ways to make a coconut macaroon. One school of ingredient-mixing-thought does involve gluten, as an ingredient such as cake flour is used to help bind the coconut mixture together.  However, it seems just as common to use no flour, and instead rely on the eggs to blend and bind the other ingredients.

I’ll abandon my desire to talk trash about overfed, over-medicated, and overly allergic Americans, though, because these macaroons are amazing and merit the focus of this discussion.

Included in my 6-piece sampler were two cherry (which didn’t stick around long enough to be photographed), two orange, and two white chocolate raspberry (maybe?? I’m guessing with the help of the interweb) macaroons.

The last time I was treated to some Lily Bloom’s Kitchen macaroons, I promised myself I would save the cherry macaroons for last if I ever had them again. I forgot about that promise as soon as I pulled them out of the box, however. I also forgot that I liked the cherry ones best. Well, I have now been reminded. And I have committed my lovey-dovey macaroon sentiments to print, so that I’ll best be reminded the third time around, if such a momentous event should ever occur.

The white chocolate raspberry macaroons, if that is what they are, are probably my least favorite of the three flavors. I’m not a white chocolate fan by any means. However, I gobbled this one up as quickly as the others, hence why I’m not even sure of the flavor that I quickly devoured. Despite the white chocolate label, this was a tasty macaroon.

The humble orange macaroon. So good. I’m convinced that macaroons could lead armies and unite nations, they’re that delicious. And orange is really a wonderful flavor to pair with coconut, chocolate, eggs, and of course, sugar. Although the cherry macaroon is my hands-down favorite of the bunch, orange sneaks in at a close second.

The cherry macaroon made for the best pairing with chocolate, in my opinion. It also mixed well with the coconut. For all three of these flavors, the thrill in eating them lies in a combination of the flavors and the texture. My mind nearly goes blank when looking for words to describe what a macaroon really tastes like. Eggy? Not really…. Chocolatey? In this case, yes, I suppose. Coconutty? Yeah…. sure. Whatever, the taste, it wouldn’t be the same without the accompanying texture. The chewy but firm coconut mixture makes for a great (but hard to describe) snacking extravaganza.

If you find your way to Minnesota (or you’re already there), do yourself a favor and purchase a few of these amazing things. Maybe soon you too will be leading an army or uniting a nation.

For more info:

Lily Bloom’s Kitchen

Minneapolis, MN

Purchase at

You can also find Lily Bloom’s Kitchen macaroons for sale at Lund’s, Byerly’s, and Kowalski’s stores, as well as at my favorite, Hampden Park Co-op!


12 thoughts on “macaroons from minneapolis

  1. The cherry macaroon sounds like a Cherry Ripe candy bar, which my dad absolutely adores. I wish I could buy him some of these… and then eat them all myself.

    1. Hannah: Oh wow. Look at this lovely addition to Australia’s native plants, animals and candies category. My favorite part of the linked-to review is the description of a Cherry Ripe bar as a “huge plank” (gross)., that’s enough.

  2. I did a double take when I realized you were writing about MacarOOns, not macarons. And then I did a happy dance. I’m so sick of hearing about macarons, so this was totally great. I am curious to try and bake macarons, though. Maybe someday when people stop talking about them…

    1. Brianne: You like totally ruined my next post, macarons from minneapolis, how could you? OH MY GOSH etc.!! …erm just kidding. But I have nothing against the elegant and somewhat snooty macaron, I find it delightful (if incredibly trendy and over-diversified in flavor options). I did in fact enjoy some from Sweets Bakeshop in St Paul for my birthday this past December. Browned butter, chocolate, and especially salted caramel. Mmm!

      If you’re looking for the motivation to make some delicious looking macs, I recommend Mélanger’s 12 Days of Macarons, although most of the flavors are a bit (winter-) holiday themed for this time of year.

      &Hmm, perhaps I should have taken your “I’m so sick of hearing about macarons” as a hint NOT to give you macaron-based links. Oops!

  3. Oh, I love macarons! When I was home in December, I discovered a real patisserie opened by a real French man that had Parisian macarons. In La Crosse! I was amazed and bought a dozen. They were delish. I have a couple of bookmarked links about them, too…I’ll add your link to my collection. It just gets tiring when so many people write about them, you know? Nothing against the little delights themselves.

    1. Brianne: There you go. Now, knowing that you too like macarons, I can say with all certainty that they are beloved by the entire country, nay, the entire globe. And. La Crosse has more going on that I’ve given it credit for (which honestly hasn’t been much, sorry)! Although… mini pies are the it thing this year – does La Cross have a gourmet mini pie store?

  4. Hmm, as popular as they are, I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever had a macaroon since I’ve always disliked coconut. Trying to get myself to like it now, and think that I’d also prefer the cherry one over the others!

    1. Jessica: The first time I tried macaroons was the first time I had this brand. I used to dislike coconut as well, and even now I only like it here and there. But I was pleased with the macaroon experience – probably because of all the chocolate! And the fruitiness helped as well, mmm cherry.

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